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History - National Pen Company


Modern Mold and Tool was founded in New York in 1948. The founder, Al Liguori, a machinist by trade, made some of the first ball point pens ever produced in the U.S. His innovative designs were very popular and the company grew rapidly.


In 1966, at Liguori's direction, his brother-in-law Paul Stabile and his eldest son Tom started the current marketing and manufacturing company, National Pen Company. They began to produce and market personalized writing instruments. The Company later added other promotional items to its product line. In 1976, the operation was moved to San Diego, CA.


In 1982, National Pen purchased its largest competitor, U.S. Pencil and Stationery Company, located in Shelbyville, TN. At the same time, the Liguoris acquired Perfect Mailing Service and also Perfect Pen and Stationery Co., LTD., a Canadian mail order company.


From 1986 to 1988, manufacturing operations were consolidated at the Shelbyville plant and Pluma Nacional was established in Tijuana, Mexico to handle labor-intensive operations and two international companies were formed. Stag Caribe was established in Puerto Rico to produce calendars and printed products, while National Pen Ltd. established an operation in Ireland and began mail order sales to European markets. Finger Prints of California, Inc. was formed and does business as National Design Corporation to specialize in the growing premium and souvenir market.


In 2007 Atlas Pen and Pencil of Florida was acquired.


Today, the Company uses telemarketing and mail order as well as internet to reach virtually every country with established postal and telephone systems. The Company manufactures and assembles many of its products, allowing it to control exceptional quality and service through its dedicated workforce. The balance of its sales comes from selected vendors who drop ship to the companies' customers. Licensing agreements have enabled National Design Corporation to provide personalized promotional items to national football, basketball, baseball, and hockey leagues, plus other well-known corporate customers.


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National Pen Company strives to be the worldwide leader in providing high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory direct pricing. Through the success in each of our marketing channels, we have gained a respectful reputation for meeting the needs of business marketing and corporate branding for many companies by providing promotional items available for personalized imprints and custom logos.

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Promotional products are key to building a successful marketing campaign for your company. There are multiple ways to advantageously use promotional items to increase leads, sales, and create customer loyalty. Show your appreciation for your customers by adding a customized pen as a small gift to be included in their order. Hand out two personalized key chains to each customer. Have them give one to a friend to refer your business while they keep the other for themselves. Review our tips on how to make promotional products work for your business.



National Pen offers customized promotional products to 20 countries across the world. We want to help market every business in every industry and in every location. Order personalized products from the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden,

United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Belgium.


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