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History - National Pen Company


In 1966, Tom Liguori and Paul Stabile founded National Pen as a producer of personalized writing instruments.  The Company later added other promotional items to its product line. In 1976, the operation was moved to San Diego, CA.


In 1982, National Pen purchased its largest competitor, U.S. Pencil and Stationery Company, located in Shelbyville, TN. At the same time, the company acquired Perfect Mailing Service and Perfect Pen and Stationery Co., LTD., a Canadian mail order company, and expanded service beyond the US.


Today, the Company is headquartered in San Diego, CA with additional locations in Shelbyville, TN, Mexico, Ireland, and France.  National Pen manufactures and assembles many of its products, allowing it to ensure exceptional quality and service through its dedicated workforce. Licensing agreements have enabled National Design Corporation to provide personalized promotional items to national football, basketball, baseball, and hockey leagues, plus other well-known corporate customers.


National Pen is consistently recognized as a Top Distributor of promotional products.


  Top 50 Distributor 2014


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      National Pen Company


Founded in 1966, National Pen is a world class provider of personalized marketing solutions to more than one million small and medium sized businesses globally. We provide high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory direct pricing.

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Promotional products are a powerful marketing tool for companies of all sizes. National Pen‘s products are personalized to feature customers’ brands and other important business information, which can be used to improve brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and ultimately grow revenue. Review our tips on how to make promotional products work for your business.



National Pen offers customized promotional products to 22 countries across the world, including United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Japan and China


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